Road Burn Pty Ltd.

The Official Burnout Masters Game

The official BURNOUT MASTERS game Featuring the iconic Summernats event. Build the ultimate burnout car and compete in Summernats 33!


Tip in, burn rubber and create maximum smoke as you perform donuts and other crazy stunts in this insane burnout simulator. Start your official BURNOUT MASTERS journey by building the toughest burnout machine and pushing it to its limits!


The official Burnout Masters simulator features:

  • Intense burnout physics with realistic smoke, engine explosions and popping tyres! 

  • Built not bought. Detailed upgrades, customisations, engine builds and tuning to create the ultimate burnout car.

  • Manage tyres and engine temps as you push your car to the limit! 


Special events!

  • Tear up the Summernats 33 event!

  • Take ‘Zephyr’ for a spin in the John Peterson tribute event